Archaeological Museum of Paros - Paroikia
Its collection contains: Archaic and classical sculptures. Neolithic, Protocycladic, Mycenean, Geometric, Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman findings (pottery, small artefacts and sculpture).

Sculptures, architectural elements, urns, and a mosaic floor of the Roman period.

Telephone: (+30) 22840 21231

Open: Daily except Monday 8:00 – 15:00.

"Anthemion" Historical & Folk Art Museum - Pounta
The "Anthemion" in Pounta is the spiritual child of Alexandros and Kyriaki Kontogiorgou. The exhibits have been assembled from various collections ...connected with the history and the life of the island, a history rich as well as unique.

These exhibits include:
Library, manuscripts, engravings, coins, folklore collections, stamps, photographs.

Telephone: (+30) 22840 91010


Folklore Museum of Marpissa - Marpissa
In the Agios Nikolaos square, in the center of Marpissa, there is the folklore museum of the village founded by the Association of Marpissa Women, housed in a renovated stone building, representing a typical Parian home. Exhibits include all daily use utensils of a household, contributed by the villagers, such as traditional furniture, a spinning wheel, tools and all sorts of other traditional articles.

Telephone: (+30) 22840 41217


Museum of Aegean Folk Culture - Lefkes
The Museum of Aegean Folk Culture is hosted in the installations of Lefkes Village hotel. Founded by the businessman – writer George Pittas, it aims to let the visitor approach the Aegean folk culture through the exhibits of every-day life and traditional occupations, discovering a world that, in harsh circumstances, managed to live in harmony with its environment, respecting nature and man alike.

The collection of the Museum covers the following areas: The rock unit (obsidians, heavy spar, perlite, kaolin, marbles etc.), the steel industry unit (tools, construction elements, railings), the pottery unit (earthenware jars, pitchers, pots from all the Aegean islands), the furniture unit, with furniture from all social levels and regions of the Aegean, the unit of traditional agriculture and the unit of Aegean folk architecture.

"Nikolaos Perantinos" Sculpture Museum - Marpissa
On the Marpissa hill, in the eastern part of the island, a very special museum was created, the "Nikos Perantinos" Sculpture Museum, which invites the visitor to marvel, in its five spacious and sunlit halls, at works of classical sculpture, medals, coins and a variety of drawings made by the artist himself.

Telephone: (+30) 22840 41443, (+30) 22840 41217


"Nikolaos Perantinos" Studio/Workshop - Paroikia, Agia Anna
Furthermore, in 1964, the studio/workshop of N. Perantinos was founded in a pine forest above the sea, in Agia Anna, Paroikia. A variety of workshops specialize in sculpture – moulds and casts – metal engraving – copper engraving – mosaic (marble and pebbles), and marble sculpting, open to all ages and to anyone attracted to the art of sculpting.

Telephone: (+30) 22840 23851


Benetos Skiadas "Skorpios" Cycladic Folklore Museum - Alyki
The Cycladic Folklore Museum is located on the Skorpios lot, at the entrance to Alyki village. The history of the Cyclades comes alive through the handmade miniatures representing important buildings and vessels, works of art by the self-taught artist, Benetos Skiadas. The Museum is open from May 1st up to the end of September.


Museum of Byzantine and post-Byzantine Art - Naoussa
The building of the Museum at Agios Athanassios used to serve as a Catholic school during the Ottoman occupation. Today it is renovated and is the home of woodcut items, articles of worship, Roman and Venetian sculptures, icons by Parian and Cretan icon painters of the 12th and 13th centuries, as well as the only extant part of the 12th century fresco of the Byzantine church in Protoria, Naoussa.


House of Literature - Lefkes
The idea for a permanent home for translators, which led to the founding of the "House of Literature" in the spring of 2004 in the Municipal Hostel of Lefkes, was the result of the cooperation between the European Translation Center (EKEMEL) and the Municipality of Paros. This cooperation started in the summer of 2003 with a series of seminars for translators of modern Greek literature organized on the island. Today the building can accommodate professional writers, translators, literary translators, and other artists from all over the world, who are free to unfold their creativity taking advantage of a tranquil environment.


Historical & Folklore Museum (Othon Kaparis Collection) - Naoussa
The Museum is located in the central square of Naoussa and exhibits include historical items of the region ranging from antiquity up to recent years. There are findings from the Mycenaean acropolis of Koukounaries, ancient coins, maps, articles of every-day peasant life in Paros, nautical items, historical books, etc.

Telephone: (+30) 22840 53453


Ekatontapyliani Byzantine Museum - Paroikia
The Byzantine Museum operating within the Ekatontapyliani complex, in Paroikia, exhibits rare 17th and 18th century icons, religious articles and valuable heirlooms of the post-byzantine history of Paros. The collection is continuously enriched either by donations or by the acquisition of more icons. In the first large hall exhibits include mainly icons, in the small chapel woodcarvings, and in the third hall vestments, clasps, other ecclesiastical relics and the woodcut 'epitaphios' (biel) of Ekatontapyliani. In the two small halls special showcases display silversmith works.

Telephone: (+30) 22840 21243


Folklore Museum of Lefkes - Lefkes
The village of Lefkes is the home of its Folklore Museum, managed by the "Yria" Cultural Association. Exhibits include samples of days past, such as needlework, spinning wheel fabrics, tools, etc., accumulated through donations from the villagers. This was the first folklore museum founded in Paros.

Telephone: (+30) 22840 42414


Naoussa Folklore Collection - Naoussa
The atmosphere is immersed in tradition, respect and affection. Exhibits include male and female traditional costumes from various regions of Greece, and of course Paros; also, every-day articles and old photographs, which will acquaint the visitor with Paros of another era. This Folklore Collection belongs to the "Naoussa Paros" Music/Dance Group, which in the summer stages traditional dances in the courtyard of the Panagia church, in Naoussa.

Telephone: (+30) 22840 52284




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