• • feel • the crystal clear • big blue •
  • • trace • a rich culture •
  • • sense • the luxuriant • live • colours •
  • • immerse • yourself • in the • pristine nature •
  • • let loose • on one • of the • unique beaches•
  • • join • the endless • fun •
  • • get high • into • the • sports paradise •
  • • taste • the • special treats•
  • • pure • and • strong • "meltemi" • sailing •
  • • just • be yourself • and • relax •
  • • amazing • hospitality • true • Greek "filotimo" •
Paros, Greece. Best of Paros guide for Paros hotels. All Paros beaches and villages, all sights, all sports from windsurfing and kitesurfing to trekking and SUP. Choose one from the 260 rooms, 82 hotels and 110 villas for a perfect stay in Paros. A magnificent Greek island, one of the world famous Cyclades island group, in the center of the Aegean Sea. Paros, approximately 100 miles south-east of Piraeus, lies to the west of the island of Naxos, from which it is separated by a channel about 5 miles wide. Its closest neighbour is the Antiparos island (separate municipality), which lies to its southwest. Paros has an area of 196 km2 (76 square miles) and a round, plump-pear shape, formed by a single mountain (724 m or 2,375 ft) sloping evenly down on all sides. The Municipality of Paros includes numerous uninhabited offshore islets totalling 196,308 km2 of land. The current population is 14,000 local citizens and over 200,000 annual visitors.

As is the case with all of Greece, the island of Paros has a very long and rich history, which goes back to 4000 BC. Today, Paros is one of the hottest tourist destinations for families, couples, boaters, kiters, windsurfers and many others from all over the world. With a crystal clear sea, endless sunshine, amazing beaches, rough and calm water sports activities enthusiasts, great accommodation, special treats, romantic alleys and a very lively night life, Paros is a top destination for your holidays.

ToParos is a brand-new portal presenting - through high definition images and videos - the island of Paros with full, updated details and current information on everything related to the island.

ToParos also provides lodging suggestions, day and night plans, constantly updated information for dedicated sports fans and maps, among many other facts that will make your stay fulfilling and unforgettable!


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